An extensive, dynamic range of recipes specifically designed on the basis of the indications we receive from our customers, in line with modern technology.

Processes, products and raw material processing

Geovita® provides the food market with a wide range of flours, semi-finished products, flakes and grains, ready-prepared cereal
and legume mixes,
available either whole or in granules, as well as quick-cook products and derivatives of
these – all of which are destined for industrial production.


This process is used to obtain cereals and legumes that do not require soaking, and which offer reduced cooking times when compared to other products on the market. This sector also includes flours obtained from cereals, which are ideal for sweet and savoury baking. These are heat treated, and are characterised by a low microbiological value that makes them stable at room temperature.


This process is used to obtain granules of different sizes from cereals or legumes, to be used as toppings – From classic barley to sought-after buckwheat, or popular and delicious chickpeas. These products can also be used in dough mixes, in bakery products and/or for the retail market.

Heat treatment

This is a thermal drying or toasting and cooking process that gives the finished product high levels of enzyme stability, improved organoleptic and nutritional qualities and greater digestibility. Heat treatment is applied to flours, edible wheat bran and wheat germ for different products, including soups, sauces, creams and pastes and desserts. The above are also used as base ingredients for pasta (with natural fibres, for example) or in bakery products for the food industry.


This process enables Geovita® to provide mixtures of cereal flour and legumes, either as they are or pre-cooked. These mixes can be used to make veloutés and soups or grain and legume mixes (provided either as they are or pre-cooked, as above) for the retail market, which is constantly on the look-out for original and alternative recipes.

Istant Flours

Raw materials (cereals and legumes) are processed directly in order to obtain flours for bakery products with thickening properties and as a key ingredient in pasta (including those with a high protein content). These flours are also distributed to the retail market in legume veloutés or soups with low microbiological, AW (water activity), and moisture values.


A special process derived from ancient traditional techniques enables Geovita® to obtain alternative products from various cereals for the retail market, characterised by reduced cooking times.

Gluten Free

These semi-finished products are manufactured for the retail market or for industrial pasta and bread making applications. They are made using recipes that have been specially designed according to the indications received from customers that are more sensitive to issues relating to allergens in foods or to food-related conditions such as coeliac disease.


This process is used to produce cereal and legume products with a high cooking index which can be dispersed without heating into water or broths, designed for the preparation of baby food purées for the retail market, thickeners and base ingredients for drinks and ice-cream for the food industry, characterised by low microbiological, AW (water activity) and moisture values.


This process enables a lighter version of various cereals to be obtained, to be enjoyed at breakfast or as a delicious ingredient in a fresh salad. Legumes are also subject to this process, creating an original, versatile product.


This process enables us to obtain a range of flours from cereals and legumes or their derivatives, the majority of which are wholegrain, with different degrees of coarseness. These products are suitable for any type of use, or for industrial pasta or bread making applications.