The guarantee of the highest quality standards reaches the final consumer directly via the Geovita® finished product division.

Quality – The fruit of our experience

Geovita® is constantly involved in every sector – from the areas dedicated to finding new raw
materials of the highest quality to the teams tasked with assessing a vast range of recipes in order to
create original products that meet the ever-changing demands of the market, and that are suitable for
everyone (gluten-intolerant customers, vegetarians etc.) – and we demand the maximum from ourselves,
so that we can give our utmost to those who rely on us.

Geovita® Nutrition
quality Italian products

Organic, gluten-free and conventional products, Tritordeum®, ready-to-eat salads and 7-minute risotto packs: this is the range of branded products offered by Geovita®.

We produce a host of cereals and legumes, including some of exclusively Italian origin, offering a range specifically dedicated to those who suffer from gluten intolerance. We also offer quick-cook products and products in handy packaging (with a range of single-product options and tasty blends) – ideal substitutes for pasta in a variety of recipes.

All of our products are GM-free, vegetarian and vegan.

The same ingredients can be enjoyed in a modern take on the ready-made salad: delicious grains enriched with a range of tempting additions, in convenient single-portion packs for a healthy, nutritious meal at any time – wherever you are!

Rice is at the heart of three tasty recipes, all of which are ready in just 7 minutes: Geovita® is dedicated to meeting one of the fundamental requirements of the modern consumer – to be able to enjoy good food, despite the hectic pace of daily life.

Sun Clad Mill®
the specialist rice brand

Sun Clad Mill® is the Geovita® brand that specialises in the production and marketing of Italian and exotic rice varieties, as well as organic cereals, legumes and blends, in both unprocessed and pre-cooked versions.

This Geovita® brand has benefited from the results of a study focused on choosing the ideal terrain for each particular variety of rice, selecting the best farmers, checking each product grain by grain and certifying each stage of production and packaging using the best technology available.

Shinode® is also a premium brand in France and a market leader in products for sushi preparation.