A constant quest for the highest quality standards, the use of the very best raw materials and technological solution that are in constant evolution: these are the key assets that Geovita® offers its customers.

Growth and innovation, side by side

Cereals and legumes grow in abundance across the Italian territory, and have been a fundamental
component of the human diet for millennia. The experience gained by our staff over many years enables
us to transform these precious raw materials into unique products which boast a high value from a
number of perspectives. However, despite all of this, we never stop looking for ways to improve them,
and to improve ourselves.

Innovation is fundamental to Geovita®, as a
company that offers innovative and exclusive production
and pre-cooking systems designed to ensure that the
delicious flavours and nutritional properties of each
of our products remain unchanged.

The Geocook® Pre-cooking System
represents the latest challenge for the Geovita® Group in the finished product sector.

This cutting-edge solution is a product of our direct knowledge of the best raw materials – selected by the most efficient, effective systems in order to maintain their natural qualities – and has been developed in order to ensure that the taste and nutritional properties of all the products made using this technology remain unaltered.

The GeoCook® Precooking System is the first pre-cooking process for cereals, rice and legumes that can lower standard cooking times, creating high-quality products whilst maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the raw materials we use.

The advantages of an exclusive brand

Conservation of nutritional values

Geocook® technology only uses water vapour, ensuring that the natural qualities of the carefully selected raw materials from which the finished products are derived remain unaltered.

Reduced cooking times

These products do not need to be soaked, but above all, they offer significantly reduced cooking times compared to the traditional pre-cooked cereal and legume products currently available on the market – indeed, Geovita® products are ready to be eaten in just 5 minutes!

A wide range of applications

Geovita® provides both single product varieties and a selection of mixed ingredients, in order to provide specific nutritional properties or to meet customer requirements: so many opportunities to enjoy the unique goodness of Geovita® products.

Garanteed flavours and quality

Discovering how to successfully preserve the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the products we provide is one of the greatest achievements of the R & D and Quality Control divisions.