Geovita® Group is divided into three operational areas: ingredients, branded products and private label products.

From our ancient mill to the cutting-edge industrial company that we are today, our history has
taught us the importance of local culture, along with a deep respect for the processes that generate only
the best ingredients. Today more than ever, values such as love for our land and a passion for cereals,
a product that is symbolic of Mediterranean culture and tradition, are closely linked to everything we do.


Located in Bruno, in the Piedmont region, the facility dedicated to processing and producing food
ingredients has been operational since 2008.Here, the most advanced technologies are used for processing
simple, natural products such as cereals and legumes. We provide the market with a wide range of
ingredients and semi-finished products for industrial production. The facility is authorised to process
raw materials produced by organic farming, and today, supplies some of the largest and most prominent food
companies in Italy and internationally, working closely with the Group’s R&D divisions.

Branded products

Established as “riseria” or rice mill in 1982, the facility in Villanova Monferrato transforms
cereals and legumes into finished products designed to fully satisfy market demand. The plant is also
dedicated to the import, selection, packaging and export of aromatic rice varieties (the Frangrant variety
from Thailand and the Basmati variety). The Geovita® Nutrition and Sun Clad Mill® branded products also
include an extensive range of organic varieties from guaranteed supply chains.

Our brands

Private Label Products

Our instant and quick-cook cereals, legumes and rice are distributed throughout Europe. We supply some of
the biggest private label product distribution chains, and are partners to leading industry names for
the production of innovative, high-quality goods. We package our products in line with customer
requirements and in accordance with the needs of the cereals and legumes market,
as well as numerous varieties of rice.