The most suitable packaging for each product. Geovita® has developed a number of packaging lines within its facilities, in order to meet the needs of its many customers.


Geovita® provides the best solutions for all companies in the food industry, the large-scale distribution
sector and the retail market, and the company’s facilities are equipped with a range of the most advanced
goods receipt and storage systems. These technologies enable Geovita® to meet the requirements of customers
who wish to offer more than just basic packaging, to satisfy the demands of the end consumer in this regard.

Our range of packaging solutions for your products


We offer an extensive range of boxes of different capacities for the large-scale distribution and retail sectors. These boxes are manufactured in line with the latest regulations, and come with all of the relevant certifications. Boxes can be used to store loose products or products contained within bags of different types.


We provide both pillow and square-base bags of various capacities, either loose (such as the 5 or 10 kg bags for the Foodservice sector) or inside boxes. Products may also be vacuum-packed or packaged in a protective atmosphere: this entails the use of technologies that replace air with a mix of gases, increasing the shelf life of products whilst ensuring that their organoleptic properties remain unchanged. This system offers benefits in economic and ecological terms too, reducing the amount of waste products to be disposed of and minimising the environmental impact connected to this.

Cooking pouches

“Cooking pouches”, which are extremely popular in the European market, merit a whole separate section. These special bags enable products to be steamed in boiling water – an extremely healthy cooking method that does not require any fat to be added, producing excellent results with no loss of flavour.


Geovita® also produces raffia or paper bags (with significantly larger capacities). These are more suited to the needs of the food industry operators, who are equipped with systems that enable them to handle these bags with ease.

Big Bags

Guaranteed by our suppliers, “Big Bags” prevent and minimise the food safety risks that can arise in the food preparation process. In addition, they are naturally suitable for coming into contact with foods, and are used to supply the large-scale food industries.


All of our products, whether in flour or granule form, can be delivered as unpackaged goods in tanks designed for use with food products, and come with a certificate of conformity, for road transportation over significant distances.