A full range of raw materials, semi-processed products and blends. From classic cereals to special varieties (such as Tritordeum®) and legumes: Geovita® has the skills and technologies required to create products that meet the needs of all its customers.

Semi-finished products for all requirements

Our long list of ingredients is constantly evolving and growing, in part thanks to the rediscovery
of ancient cereals. These products are subject to a careful review process, first by our laboratory and then by our R&D team,
before being tailored to the demands of the food market through the use of exclusive modern processing facilities.

AMARANTH - It’s a plant from central America, well-known and cultivated since the pre-Columbian civilizations. Its seeds are used in several culinary ways for preparing soups and sweet or savory vegetable or meat pies. It’s naturally gluten free.


OAT - It’s an herbaceous plant, it gives cereal grains that are rich in healthy features. It can be tried both as flakes and raw. Our steam precooking process allows to keep uncompromising all the nutritional features.


BULGUR - Bulgur is a food consisting of whole wheat that undergoes a particular processing process. The wheat grains are steamed and dried, then ground and reduced into small pieces; it is widespread in the Middle East.


CHICKPEAS - Chickpeas are legumes normally consumed in the Mediterranean regions, with high protein features. They are ideal for preparing soups or creams, and a basic food in the vegetarian diet. Like grits it can be a main dish, a tasty alternative to the classic wheat bulgur, or an original topping for special breads.


BORLOTTI BEANS - Imported following the America discovery, they became the substitutes of the European type because they are easier to grow and with a higher productive yeld. Borlotti beans are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, especially if it’s mixed with cereals, like in Geovita’s products.

Borlotti Beans

CANNELLINI BEANS - Cannellini beans are a typical variety from Tuscany, they have an elongated shape and a shiny white color. From the nutritional point of view, they are particularly diuretic, very rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. They are suitable for preparing side dishes, salads, soups and creams.

Cannellini Beans

FARRO (SPELT) - Rich in fiber and precious selenium source, mineral with important anti age features, thanks to our natural steam precooking process, it doesn’t need soaking before the cooking. Our farro it’s perfect for preparing soups and salads in just 5 mins!

Farro (Spelt)

DURUM WHEAT - It’s has high contents of fiber and, thanks to our natural steam precooking process, it doesn’t need soaking before the cooking. It’s generally used for preparing soups with legumes and salads.

Durum Wheat

BUCKWHEAT - Contrary to what we can think it isn’t a cereal, but it belongs to the Polygonaceae species, like rhubarb, and it doesn’t contain gluten and it’s ideal for people who are intolerant of this protein. Ideal for preparing soups and, in its several variants, like ingredient for including into bakery mixtures.


KHORASAN KAMUT® WHEAT - This trademark names a specific wheat type with good nutritionals features that has ever been neither crossed nor genetically modified. Cultivated in the ancient Egypt, it has acquired over time an important reputation as ideal substitute of the traditional wheat in case of allergies.

Khorasan Kamut Wheat®

GREEN LENTILS - Small size and irregular shape, this kind of legume is brown – from light to dark. Coltivated in barren and stony lands, it is the ideal ingredient for preparing soups and side dishes.

Green Lentils

RED LENTILS - Closely bound to the Italian gastronomic tradition, they can be used for preparing soup or as side dishes. This specific type can also be combined with rice or other cereals in savory recipes.

Red Lentils

MILLET - In ancient times it was an almost daily food, together with other kinds of cereals, legumes and vegetables, because people could keep it for long time. It is an ancient grain easy to digest, because gluten free and it is ideal for preparing vegetable or meat pies, nuggets or meatballs with vegetables and spices.


BARLEY - Used since time immemorial, it’s a food rich in fiber and with several values. Thanks to our all natural precooking process, it doesn’t need soaking before the cooking. It’s ideal for preparing soups and salads.


YELLOW PEAS - Yellow peas (pisum sativum) have several benefic effects and can have a leading role in the cooking. If we eat them every day in fact, they can help above all our immune system. They help the digestion and, together with rice and other cereals, can be used for preparing creative recipes.

Yellow Peas

GREEN PEAS - Their origins go back to time immemorable and they’re the more use appreciated legumes. There are different pea types for shape and color. They’re very light and easy to digest with a low quantity of fat. There are a lot of recipes of creams, soups, salads and side dishes with green peas.

Green Peas

WHITE QUINOA - It’s a plant that belongs to the same family as spinach and beets, so it’s a pseudo-cereal like Amaranth. It hasn’t gluten and so and it’s ideal for people who are intolerant of this protein. White quinoa has a pleasant fragrance ant it’s ideal for preparing soups and salads.

White Quinoa

RED QUINOA - Like the white and the black quinoa, it’s naturally gluten free and so and it’s ideal for people who are intolerant of this protein. Red quinoa is rich antioxidants that fight against the free radicals

Red Quinoa

RICE - From the traditional round to the fragrant and exotic Thai and Basmati, all our rice is selected using the most rigorous quality standards and processed respecting the Italiana rice tradition. From the cold salads to the soups, ready in few minutes thanks to our all natural precooking, to sushi and creative recipes from the Asiatic cooking: there are a lot of ways to taste this extraordinary gluten free food.


RED RICE - Red rice is a specific species of complete rice cultivated in clay and rich in iron lands. It has a long and narrow red grain and it’s characterized by a specific fragrance. It’s ideal for preparing side dishes and salads.

Red Rice

RYE - Rye is a mountain cereal, rich in nutritional features and with a lower content of proteins respect to the wheat. Traditionally used as flour for bakery, its grains can be the main ingredient of savory soups.


SOY - It’s an herbaceous plant belonging to the legume species. Known also like the “Japanese bean” it has a high nutritional value and it’s used in several and different food preparations like flours, milk, tofu or seeds and sprouts. Naturally gluten free it’s ideal for preparing soups or salads.


SORGHUM - It’s the fifth cereal in order of importance in the global agricultural economy. Rich in fiber, but gluten free, it’s perfect also in the diet of the people who are intolerant of this protein. Easy to digest it contains important salt minerals.


TRITORDEUM® - It’s the new natural cereal, with a low gluten content, born by the natural combination between durum wheat and wild barley. It has benefic values and it’s very adaptable in cooking. It can be used for preparing every kind of bakery product – both sweet and salty - like pasta, bread, biscuits and cakes, but also for soups and salads in only 10 minutes, thanks to our natural steam precooking process. The recipes prepared with Tritordeum® are lighter and more digestible.