Recipes and development for your business: Geovita® is a reliable partner, capable of satisfying each and every requirement with innovative and customised solutions.

Innovation for growth

Creating unique and exclusive products is our goal, and we achieve this through a combination of
innovative research and cutting-edge production processes, using the latest technologies.
We apply an established quality and traceability system in order to safeguard the various
organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our products. The careful selection and
checking of the raw materials we use is a key element in our success. In a global context
characterised by an increasing emphasis on the issues of food safety and good nutrition,
we focus our research strategy and our production investments on the creation of quality
products that can be integrated into a healthy and balanced diet.

Cutting-edge technology

Over the years, Geovita® has succeeded in developing a range of new products, thanks to
a process of continuous experimentation and the use of avant-garde processing facilities. As a pioneering
company, we have embraced new health concepts and adopted an integral approach to food production, gaining
a reputation for the technological innovation that characterises our processes.

For Geovita®,
expressing high standards
in terms of quality and food
safety is a priority for all of
the products manufactured at
our four facilities.