Certified quality, guaranteed: the value that guides our work in every field. From locally-sourced raw materials to respect for the environment throughout the various stages of production.

Unrivalled quality

Geovita® has been working with agricultural food products for more than forty years, and uses its
extensive experience of control procedures and raw material processing techniques on a daily basis.

For Geovita®, quality is fundamental:
this enables us to monitor and control our supply
chains and ensure full traceability of the cereals
and legumes used at each stage of the production process,
from the field to the final packaging phase.

Business development and sustainability

We have succeeded in finding the perfect balance between these two apparently conflicting
concepts in our day to day activities. All of our products are manufactured in line with the culture
and traditions of the food and agriculture sectors, with no compromises.

Our respect for the planet underpins
every choice we make: we select
certified suppliers so that we can
ensure that both our raw materials
and our packaging adhere to the
highest possible standards with
regard to ethics and quality, and
we are committed to reducing our
use of non-renewable resources.

Our values provide the foundations
for a sustainable future that we can all believe in


We have always shared our values with our suppliers, promoting sustainable farming practices – these include purchasing raw materials grown locally in order to limit CO2 emissions, and signing cultivation contracts in order to support agriculture on a local and national scale.


Sustainability is a priority in this area of the business too, and we work in collaboration with suppliers to ensure that disposal instructions are displayed on our packaging. Furthermore, we aim to reduce the weight of cardboard boxes whilst maintaining pack strength and quality, using FSC-certified cardboard wherever possible.


As part of our commitment to constantly reducing the waste we produce and minimising the environmental impact of our activities, we use the by-products of our manufacturing processes to produce biogas, and the remaining waste from these by-products is converted by a number of our partners into animal feed.


We are a reliable partner for all those who believe in the possibility of a better future, and we are always ready to face the next challenge. We dedicate much care and attention to those working on the “front line” within the company, giving absolute priority to health and safety in the workplace and providing professional training opportunities.