Organic Geovita® products are naturally good. Carrying out accurate checks along the entire supply chain is the only way to guarantee that each product is genuinely good and healthy, and created from raw materials that are grown and processed according to the highest international standards for sustainable and responsible agriculture.

Our take on organic…

We want our products to be good for those who eat them and for those who make them,
maintaining the taste and integrity of their organoleptic heritage and actively contributing
to preserving and reestablishing the right balance in an environment that is increasingly under threat.

A closely-monitored and certified product chain for maximum product safety

As well as ensuring that customers have almost zero risk of ingesting pesticides, organic farming also contributes to supporting farmers on a human level, and to expanding cultivated land in accordance with strict regulations, preserving the qualities and integrity of the territory.

Using natural cultivation techniques also entails maintaining and rediscovering long-forgotten flavours and supporting biodiversity, a key aspect of the environment in which we live.

Lastly, the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in this type of agriculture is essential, as these can contribute to the onset of allergies and intolerances.

Certified quality, guaranteed

The Geovita® Group has held the most significant agriculture and food-relating certifications
for a number of years now – these serve as a guarantee of the quality of the company’s products
and processes, and are testament to the commitment of the Group.