Cereals, legumes and rice are at the very heart of Geovita® these products are the fruit of our fertile lands, and have formed the basis of the human diet for millennia.

Our mission

We channel our passion and skill into improving the quality of the raw materials we use, seeking to introduce
innovation through our cutting-edge technologies and enhance the nutritional characteristics of these raw materials.
Our priority at all times is to ensure that we fully respect our surroundings and the people who we work alongside,
caring for the products from the field to the plate and believing in a healthier, more ethical approach to life that
promotes respect for the environment.

Right from the very start, we have always been
dedicated to developing and producing innovative,
high-quality products for our customers and consumers,
through the efficient use of our resources and in close
collaboration with our partners.

The importance of being Italian
and of producing in Italy

The Geovita® Group combines the traditions of two leading Italian companies that are pioneers in their sector, specialising in processing cereals, legumes and their derivatives for all the key players in the food sector.

With a prestigious portfolio of customers around the world, Geovita® 
tirelessly pursues innovation, in order to offer customers new recipes and personalised solutions with the highest levels of natural goodness and quality.

Geovita®‘s business philosophy is founded on a few key values that are shared and promoted at every level of the Group, because we believe that a result is only truly valuable if it is achieved responsibly.

Our Values


This is the driving force that motivates all those who are part of the Geovita® Group – it is what pushes each and every one of us to develop and evolve every day, looking to the future whilst improving our products and ourselves.


For us, tradition means doing things the only way we know how: well. We cultivate and nurture our connection to the territory, ensuring that we never forget where we came from – an approach that never goes out of fashion.


The staff who work in our Assurance and Quality Control divisions are committed to researching and selecting the best raw materials every day, so that we can offer the food industry – and as an extension, the consumer – the very best in terms of quality.

Sustainability and respect
for the environment

We are highly conscious of the consequences of everything we do, and are committed to prioritising the values of sustainability and respect for the environment that we have always championed with the utmost care and dedication.


This is one of the principles that underpins the relationships that we have built with our customers, suppliers and partners over time, and we don’t ever want to lose it!